The Study Program is directly related to the objectives of the P.M.S. – A.DO.AP and has been set up with the main axis of considering architecture and the domostatic approach as interrelated fields during the restoration of the historical building potential. The content of the courses is aligned to the requirements for deepening – both at the theoretical and applied level – in the relevant issues, on a regional, national and European scale, with an emphasis on the 19th and 20th centuries.

The Study Program, with a total duration of three (3) academic semesters (90 ECTS), includes a joint semester of studies (1st semester). Then, in the second (2nd) semester, it is divided into two (2) directions with one (1) common course (in both directions) and three (3) direction courses:

A. Direction «Architectural Restoration of Historic Buildings and Ensembles»

B. Direction «Architectural Restoration of Historic Buildings and Ensembles»

The third (3rd) semester corresponds to the preparation of the research content of the Master’s Thesis.

The Credit Units, described in the course tables (see the section «Courses per semester»), are a minimum of ninety (90) for the completion of the P.M.S. – A.DO.AP by the student (30 per semester of studies) and follow the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), as described in Y.A. Φ5/89656/Β3 (13.08.2007) and in the «Guide for Users of the ECTS Credit Transfer and Accumulation System» (European Commission, Brussels 2009).