Duration of studies

The minimum duration of regular studies for the award of the title is set at three (3) academic semesters of study, including the preparation of a Master’s Thesis. The maximum time allowed to complete the studies may be increased up to five (5) academic semesters.

In the first two semesters of regular studies, the student attends eight (8) courses and in the third semester the Master’s Thesis is prepared. Part of all courses may be offered by distance learning (Law 4485/2017, art. 45, par. 1f) and depending on the circumstances.
Each academic semester comprises thirteen (13) full weeks.

The Program., after the decision of the Department Assembly or the Coordinating Committee, may also offer a part-time study program for working students, in the manner and procedure defined by the Program’s. bodies and with a maximum duration according to the terms of Article 33 par.2 of Law 4485/2017.

Also, according to the same article (par. 3) and after the decision of the Coordinating Committee, it is possible to suspend studies for up to two (2) academic semesters for non-employees who have special social or other reasons.